The great seduction

Karl Alzner is a defender of the Washington Capitals.

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With the upcoming opening of the free agent market, the teams compete to attract the best. The salary cap dictates a little bit how to do it. Not all the teams can go play in this market expensive…

There are two groups of buyers in the NHL: those that look at a discount, that can not spend up to the limit of $ 75 million, and buyers aggressive, that the NHL should impose a limit of $ 75 million because they may be more than generously this amount…

The market of this year contains a few interesting candidates. Due to a salary cap, the difference between choosing a team rather than another for a player’s self, is very thin.

At a certain time, the difference in tax rate between us and canadian cities was a major drawback. Today, rarely do we hear that it is an argument club. The rate of taxation is certainly a major argument, but he clings to a set of reason tipping the balance.

What we hear most often is: do I have the possibility of winning a championship with this team? This is where the important difference is to be made to attract a free agent without restriction, especially if it comes from a player who was not able to engrave his name on the Stanley Cup. V your arguments then become club-shaped.

Would I have the chance to establish myself and be put in value, to be used properly in this team? Here’s the other question that self-arise now.

The past we raised some stories, where players lured by the dollars are found in teams where unfortunately, their career was capsized.

It’s called bad marriages. The player now chooses an environment where it will be used at its best. If it is a winger, he will look at what are the players who can potentially pass him the puck; if it is a defender, he will look who will be his partner, and by how many minutes of play per game will lead to this association.

To have a good marriage, it is necessary that the player feels well. Sometimes we forget that hockey players are human like you and me. The city, the environment of this city and the quality of life for the players with families (this is the case of several who have attained the self, the players become dad rather than the young men in general…). At this time, the joint becomes the person to convince when the operation of seduction is done.

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Hockey players are no different from us; if we had tomorrow the opportunity to monetize our talent in a market designed to do it, several of us would like to act as well. A happy player in his team is performing well, is surrounded by a family that is well, in the city where it operates.

There is still the element temperature. It is true that the climate of a city can be considered. But it is not a major argument, it is also part of a set. The players arrived at the self, look carefully at the chemistry they could develop with their teammates, the key players of the team, the coach and the director-general. The leaders of an NHL team impose a certain philosophy of the organization and a player standalone warned, advised by a good agent, will take this variable into account when it comes time to register his name at the bottom of the contract.

Karl Alzner is a defender of the Washington Capitals, at the age of 28 years, must leave the u.s. capital for reasons of salary cap. If there had not been, Alzner would have remained in this team capable of winning a championship. But then, he will try to find a situation similar in hockey.

Given that there is not a lot of defenders available, especially at the bottom of 30 years, and a player like him capable of playing minutes important on the ice, Alzner will be the choice.

The Canadian is offered an opportunity. Alzner has come to spend two days in Montreal. In the past, certain operations of seduction have failed in the Canadian. The two most documented are those of Brendan Shanahan and Daniel Briere. The Canadian did everything to seduce him, but the players concerned have decided to turn your back.

As successful as the operation of charm to attract Alzner in Montreal, it is not guaranteed that Alzner is wearing the sweater of the Habs. The winning conditions need to be met. The HP still has a few. Alzner is left-handed and he would have the opportunity to play on the first pair with Shea Weber. This is not a small argument. If he has chosen to come to spend two days in Montreal, it is that it is sufficiently intrigued by the Canadian to come out and see for himself.

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The Canadian has an imperative need to fill this chair on the left flank to the blue line and the former Capitals represents a beautiful card.

There will also be a second wave in the free agent market. When the storm of the 1st of July will be spent and that the most desirable will have taken the places available, will the other. Players older than that, closer to the end of their career, arrived at the end of the road with their team.

At this time, the steam will be a bit reversed, this is the time where teams have a bit more choice. To locate a good environment, the free agents of the second wave will seek to find the same equilibrium their peers is more sought after, but will have to make small concessions to get there.

The Canadian is in an interesting position to attract a few candidates, but it is very difficult to know if actually, the HP claims to a championship. It is a good team with strengths, but still this is not Pittsburgh and this is not California. The player or players who choose the destination for the Canadian will have been attracted for reasons that are more rational.

A trend, however, is quite strong for the past few years: players with the possibility of finding an arrangement to stay where they are prefer this option. It is to those who do not have the choice of moving the CH will turn out and Alzner tops the list.

There will be a few good veterans available after, but it will make the wiser choice. Let’s not forget that July 1st is the day of bad contracts; too long, too expensive. But if you want to.

The CH and Quebec

A media debate emerges from the performance of the Canadian, at the session of repechage in Chicago this weekend.

Once again, the Canadian preferred to pick mostly players from the west rather than of Quebec. There has, in the past few years, a constant: when the Canadian target Quebec in particular, it does not seem to be able to put the hand over it. This was the case at the end of the week with Zachary Lauzon, who was in Pittsburgh. The Quebec Comtois and Morand have found their place in Anaheim. But obviously, the Canadian don the coveted no.

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This was the same thing a few years ago when Marc Bergevin tried to trade for pick of quebec defender Samuel Morin, selected rather for the Flyers.

Two issues must be raised: is this Canadian made of the selection of players in québec as a real priority and is what the players in québec’s talented, less numerous, are becoming essential?

The other 30 teams of the NHL are well aware that Quebec has more value to Montreal than anywhere else. Is that the CH should pay more than the other when the time comes to select a guy home with great potential? Waiting to have a number of players to be avoided, the question that must be asked.

In other past columns, I’ve had the opportunity to raise the recurrent problem of talent in Quebec. The base is not large enough, the talent is not enough important and the most talented don’t have enough adversity to dominate their league development. In a nutshell, the problem is this; too many teams, too many needs, for the quality of the talent available.

The solutions are numerous, many experts have already spoken out, but things don’t change. If we believe that the return of the NHL to Quebec city is going to fix everything, forget this utopia. There will now be two teams instead of one for which the players are French-speaking will have more value than anywhere else.

Believe me, if the wealth of talent is not more important by then, this are the other NHL teams who will take advantage of it. By contrast, the CH can’t forget his homework. When the time comes to establish the ranking of the players, the scouts of the CH must ensure they have the correct classification, to properly evaluate the players available to do not that one forgets another Patrice Bergeron and Simon Gagné. It is the duty of the Canadian. The idea is not to have six per year, is to have the good.