The group Okean Elzy has introduced a new song Skilki us

Группа Океан Эльзы представила новую песню Скільки нас

Ukrainian rock band “Okean Elzy” presented a new single – the song “Skilki us.” The video track is published on the official Youtube channel of the group.

This is the third new song “Okean Elzy” for the current year. Recall that in 2018, the team decided not to give concerts and an exception will make only for the big show on independence Day.

The author of the text and music became the leader of team Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. The musicians believe that everything important about a new song I tell her the text. “The only thing everyone has to choose for themselves, to put a sign at the end “how many of us” – “?” or “!”, – stated in the message group.

Recall that earlier this year the band “Okean Elzy” presented tracks “Without you” and “Into the sky to his wife.” For both compositions, the clips were removed. New songs will probably be performed at the gala concert on 24 August. And special guests of the show will be the group “DakhaBrakha”.

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