The groups ask Ottawa to make the January 29 day of action against islamophobia

Photo: Francis Vachon Archives The Duty
On the evening of January 29, 2017, Alexander Bissonnette, 27 years of age, would be presented armed to the great mosque of Québec and would have opened fire on a dozen of the faithful, killing six people.

One of the most important muslim organizations in Canada is calling on prime minister Justin Trudeau to enact the 29 January, the anniversary of the attack on the mosque of Québec, as ” national day of remembrance and action against islamophobia “.


In a letter to the prime minister released on Friday, the director of the national Council of canadian muslims, Ihsaan Gardee, argues that this proclamation would allow Canadians to remember the victims of the attacks, and the public to better understand the risks associated with hatred, bigotry and islamophobia “.


There will soon be a year on Sunday 29 January 2017, six muslims were killed and 19 others injured in an attack at the mosque of Quebec, during the evening prayer. Alexandre Bissonnette must stand trial for murders premeditated in march next year.


The director of the national Council of canadian muslims writes that a year after these events, ” the muslim communities in canada are always upset of these horrific attacks “.


Mr. Gardee argued that the idea of a “national day of remembrance” is supported by over 70 organizations, canadian muslim, and more than a score of ” community partners “, including Amnesty international French Canada and the Canadian labour Congress.


“With the rise of extremist groups continues to pose a threat to the security of the institutions and congregations canadian muslim, it is crucial that our leaders are strongly opposed against islamophobia and the agents of bigotry that seek to cause a division of hate between Canadians and muslim citizens,” writes Mr. Gardee.


“We cannot allow the voices of hate, even those that seem at first to be innocuous, creeping into our public discourse and undermine our social fabric. “