The guards at the club GIPSY closed the visitor – “a rogue” in “hostage” because of the cheap wine

The guy more hours spent in the basement, locked behind an iron door, due to the fact that he had not ordered the most expensive wine .
About it tells the community Mash.


Post publishing, which was signed “For lovers of night life”, club protection in Moscow “GIPSY” closed and held for more than an hour in the basement because ordered cheap wine.

He said that on that day he celebrated the birthday of a friend. Everything was fine until that young man not not ordered very expensive wine.

The bartender took the order and insulted the guy called “rogue”.
Insulted the guy decided to explain as needed the maintenance staff to behave with the guests, the waitress did not listen to the instructions of the guest, but simply summoned the guard.

After a while, the guy was twisted and taken out of the room throwing indoors.
“Party animal” was released to arrive at the scene police patrol.

The administration of an institution and has not been punished.