The Guys of the Sausage wants to open its market

The sausage guy company receives financial assistance to implement a system to manage the quality of their food. The $ 70,000 allocated comes from the Lever program of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) under the Canada-Quebec Growing Forward Agreement.

The project totals more than $ 250,000. “These are big investments. We want to seek a food safety certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) and thus open up our market, “explains Roxanne Labonté, co-owner of the Sausage Guys.

To do this, renovations of the processing plant will be necessary, including the change of floors. “Our employees also received training. We already use machinery to scan and identify our merchandise so that non-potable foods, such as bones or plastic, can be found in our food, “says Labonté.

“With all these steps, we want to demonstrate our seriousness in the realization of our project towards our security certification. The financial assistance of the government is really a nice gift for us, “says the co-owner.

The announcement of financial support was made to the sausage guy’s factory trade on Bridge Street by Member of Parliament for Richmond Karine Vallières, on behalf of MAPAQ Minister Laurent Lessard and the Minister of Agriculture and Agri- Of the Agri-Food Canada, Lawrence MacAulay.

“Well established in the region and recognized as a responsible corporate citizen, the sausage guy company will be able to export its know-how and help to discover our local products and to make our region more visible,” she said. Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier (Youth Component).

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