The Harry Potter fans found a bug in the movie Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald

Поклонники Гарри Поттера обнаружили ошибку в фильме Фантастические твари: Преступления Грин-де-Вальда

The Harry Potter fans found a bug in the new movie “Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald”, which will be released in Ukraine on 15 November.

Writes Еsquire, the list of characters in the film, which is set in 1927, is Professor Minerva McGonagall, who wasn’t even born.

In particular, fans estimated that the approximate date of the birth of the heroine Maggie Smith – 1935. In the fifth part of the Saga “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix” the events unfolding in the 1990-ies. And it is said that Minerva McGonagall is working at Hogwarts for 39 years. Therefore, the teacher became the Professor of Transfiguration, around the second half of 1950-ies.

Earlier fans of the Harry Potter universe also found a goof in the movie “Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald”. In the trailer the characters are teleported to Hogwarts. However, Rowling has repeatedly stressed in the books that Hogwarts is practically the only place where the transgression is not working.

Recall that the Director continue as the first part of the film, directed by David Yates. Starring Eddie Redmayne, Jude law, Katherine Waterston and johnny Depp. In Ukrainian, the film will be released on November 15, 2018. The output of the third (and final) part is expected in 2020.

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