The head of the bridges in construction this summer

The Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) is launching this summer the redevelopment of the vast interchange north of the Québec and Pierre-Laporte bridges. Announced in 2011 and studied since, this large project registered in the Quebec infrastructure plan (PQI) has still not been presented to the public.
The tangle of braces, commonly known as the head of bridges or even “spaghetti”, allows motorists arriving from Lévis to join the Henri-IV and Duplessis motorways or Laurier Boulevard. In the same way, he drains cars from the north shore to the bridges.
Rendering at the end of its useful life, the whole requires a deep rehabilitation. As long as it is there, the engineers of the MTQ have a mandate to make it more efficient. The Government of Quebec was planning a $ 1 billion investment when it began planning for this important project in 2011.
Announced on Sunday, the planning of the road works 2017-2019 of the Capitale-Nationale region did not mention the start of the works. But the list of projects over $ 500,000 disseminated after the fact reveals the government’s intentions.
A project of “geometric rearrangement” and one of repair of elements of the deck of the north exchanger of the bridges appear. According to our information, the work will add a direct link between the avenue des Hôtels, near the aquarium, and the Henri-IV Nord motorway.
Later in the list, we are talking about the upgrading of the very high and curving south highway link to the Quebec bridge. The structure of the Henri-IV highway overlooking the Duplessis North highway is also targeted.
In total, there are four registrations for as many projects estimated between $ 1 million and $ 5 million each.
The Sun tried to find out more, but the MTQ’s communications department was not in a position to give us details on Tuesday.
In the office of Minister Laurent Lessard, we were told that the work is indeed related to the redevelopment of the bridgeheads, but that they are considered “preparatory” while waiting for the big jerk.
On Tuesday again, in the corridors of the National Assembly, the minister reiterated the need to coordinate this great project with the rapid service by bus (SRB) that will link the two banks and will therefore pass nearby. The whole thing will be made public only when the stowage will be done, indicated the press attache Mathieu Gaudreault.
Untangling the “spaghetti”
When he spoke for the first time to unravel the “spaghetti”, in 2010, the then Minister of Transport, Sam Hamad, had suggested a 5 to 10 year horizon. It was then planned to unveil plans within a year. But six years and so many transport ministers later, nothing has yet filtered.
In the field, only the long stretch of two structures that runs from Laurier Boulevard to the Duplessis North highway was reintroduced in 2015 for $ 3.2 million, suggesting that engineers would like to keep it as is.
The mayor of Quebec City, who has seen the government’s plans for the sector, has been putting pressure on the Department of Transport for months to open his game. Régis Labeaume says that the rare changes presented to him Improve road safety, but not the fluidity of traffic. While the citizens of Quebec are expressing their displeasure at the time spent on the road, this displeases royally the municipal leader.
Initially, the City of Quebec also wanted to take the opportunity to rethink the sector, to densify it and to launch a message of modernity at the entrance of the capital, but these urban considerations have not been mentioned in a long time.

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