The head of the Ministry of culture has proposed to introduce the post of designer of

Глава Минкульта предложил ввести должность дизайнера города

The Minister of culture of Ukraine Evgeny Nidoc stands for the establishment of a “designer city” in the settlements. He stated this during the International forum “Creative Ukraine”, which opened on 8 November in Kiev, writes “Informant”.

“I believe that every city should be a separate post — the designer of the city. This person will create as a brand and the face of the metropolis, and to ensure that development does not destroy the environment that all construction companies had the concept of how they work with the environment in a particular place”, – said the head of the Ministry of culture.

According to Nyshchuk, this is important due to the chaotic development of cities, which is observed at present.

We will note, earlier it was reported that the Ministry is studying the possibility of design in Ukraine of primary schools built in residential home.

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