The health Ministry reminded about the rules of conduct in the crowd and during mass events

В Минздраве напомнили о правилах поведения в толпе и во время массовых мероприятий

Acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun has published on his page in Facebook a list of basic rules, which should adhere to while visiting mass events and crowds.

According to the official, should adhere to the following rules:

– first good look at the information about the event, which is going to visit the place, duration and format of the event, provided security measures, the projected number of participants;

– check the weather forecast. In the summer it is especially important to remember drinking enough water to avoid dehydration (take water with you or purchase on the spot);

– on arrival at the site, take a good look at the environment especially pay attention to the outputs, locations of assistance (if any) and the location of the coordinators of the event. Always pay attention to everything that happens around. This is vital in order to navigate in case of danger. Agree with friends and family where to meet in case you get lost;

– if you move with the crowd in one direction, maintain the overall speed, don’t push. Avoid any places of constriction between the buildings, dead ends or ridges;

– cross the crowd is necessary on the diagonal or tangent. In any case do not go against the crowd., do not stand very close to walls, metal fences or showcases;

– if you move into the crowd and something fell, in any case, do not stoop to pick up. To avoid this, prepare in advance: securely hide your important things in the pockets and make sure that a well-tied laces;

– if you fall, primarily to protect his head in his hands and bend his legs to his chest. Try to climb as high as possible in the course of the crowd;

– it is advisable not to put objects or things that can be hooked: scarf, jewelry or long tie. Do not wear shoes with high heels or very short clothes, which can restrict your movement;

– if you have children, keep them in sight. Dress the child in bright clothes and make sure he will be in touch with you in an unpredictable situation (e.g., a charged phone);

– communitywide with the environment and do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary. Don’t be afraid to spoil the festive atmosphere, your safety and health is more important.

Note that the events in Ukraine began yesterday and runs until Sunday in connection with national holidays – flag Day and Independence Day.

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