The Home of the Barrels refuses to bottle Four Loko

La Maison des Futailles refuse d’embouteiller Four Loko

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After having juggled with the idea, the majority shareholder in the House of Barrels, Kruger Wines and Spirits, refuses to bottle the alcoholic drink sweet Four Loko, has learned The Newspaper.

“We said that, by ethics, it was not well for us to embark in the bottling of this type of product,” confirmed the Newspaper ‘s senior vice-president corporate affairs and communications Kruger, Jean Majeau.

Mr. Majeau says that the Home of the Barrels has been approached to bottle Four Loko, but has abandoned the idea of doing it. “After analysis, we decided not to go forward. All of this, well before that broke out the story with the FCKD UP “, he added.

Gasket several times by The Journal, the CEO of Kruger Wines and Spirits François Malenfant did not return our calls.

“Tragic events “

For its part, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, which invested $ 21.8 million in the House in the Barrels 12 years ago, welcomed the decision.

“We are pleased that the House of the Barrels to act responsibly in the matter “, said his spokesperson Patrick McQuilken.

According to him, the social responsibility of enterprises exceeds the laws and regulations in force. The Fonds de solidarité FTQ believes that its 645 664 shareholders expect that the Fund leads by example.

“The tragic events in recent show that this is particularly the case for alcoholic beverages,” insisted the senior advisor for media relations of the Fund with net assets approaching $14 billion.

Withdrawn products

On the 1st of march last, Athena Gervais, 14 years old, lost her life after having consumed several alcoholic drinks brand FCKD UP in Laval. According to the results of his autopsy, a loss of balance would fall into a water course.

After his tragic death, the group Geloso, manufacturer of FCKD UP, withdrew his drink tablets. Its president Aldo Geloso asked Quebec to ban this type of drink.

Recall that three months ago, Four Loko has been removed from the market because it contained ethyl alcohol rather than the alcohol produced from the fermentation of the malt. Its sale is suspended ” for an indefinite period “.