The humour québécois made its mark in Paris

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Olivier Martineau, Cathleen Roll and Franky were able to laugh at a French audience, sometimes even with laughter on Wednesday night, at the mythical Point-Virgule Paris. They gave the kick-off to the 4th Festival of humour of the City of light, in front of, among others, important players in the industry.

“When we saw that it was an evening in quebec, we came right away,” said one of the spectators in paris. Several others would be present simply because of the reputation of the room.

Still unknown in Europe, the three clubs have not fulfilled the semicolon, which is a hundred places, and where they occur in up to Saturday. Olivier Martineau has asked the French public to be lenient. “If you don’t want to laugh, I have to remind you that the Second world War, we saved you ass. Then, laugh at my jokes, shit “, he launched.

With a suitable language and references in paris, he was struck hard : the laughs were sustained during all the time of its delivery. Cathleen Rouleau has also done very well with texts and corrosive issues such as the veiled women, the paedophilia, people with disabilities, with a hook to the yellow vests and Gad Elmaleh.

Already benefits

Just the trio he landed in Paris that stakeholders humor French wanted to attend their show.

This is the case of Gérard Sibelle, producer who has contributed to the development of the career of Franck Dubosc and Florence Foresti.

It has launched three invitations to hot to Cathleen Roll after his performance, like the first part of Anne Roumanoff in Lyon in November.

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Another talent scout, Philippe Pinto has praised Franky and his special humor. “Your style, in France, it doesn’t exist “, he complimented.

The three comedians have started to talk to them since their arrival on Sunday, as they participated in evenings of humor, among other things, to Paname Café and the famous Jamel Comedy Club.

In Tel-Aviv and Africa

The manitou of the Tel-Aviv Comedy Club, Emmanuel Smadja, was also present in the room of the semicolon. “There are a million of French-speakers in Israel,” it said earlier in the day, the producer Sylvain Parent-Bédard agency ComediHa !, which wants to conquer this territory, like Africa, where lies a large basin, French speaking.

As in Paris, ” it is a jungle, he said. There is a offer of almost 500 shows per evening.

We attack the market differently than when we came the first time in 2008. Our tour is more humble, it made less big rooms “.

The Journal has been invited to Paris by the agency ComediHa !