The idea of Leslie-Ann has charmed Disney

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When his father William and his uncle Jonathan bought Fleur-de-Lys last summer, Leslie-Ann Trudel has decided to submit an idea for the relaunch of the shopping centre : call the boss to Disney to organize a party. Seven months later, it’s mission accomplished for the little girl of eight years.

Since merceredi, the entertainment giant is promoting simultaneously three films, which will feature soon in the commercial center of Vanier : Captain Marvel, Aladdin and Dumbo.

Guided tour

The young, Leslie-Ann, a big smile pasted on the face, was entitled to a guided tour of the booths with the vice-president of marketing, Walt Disney Studios Canada, Greg Mason, under the proud look of his father.

“I had no idea how to contact someone at Disney remembered the latter by telling the story behind the coming of Disney.

“I found a general number, a 1-800-Disney. The girl at the other end of the line transferred me to Toronto and I had Mr. Mason in line. I told him that we had purchased a shopping centre, that my daughter had an idea. He said to me : “Why not ? Come to Toronto for me to speak about it more at length .” And here we are today. “

The lamp of Aladdin

Until the 24th of February, during the Tournament pee-wee – Leslie-Ann insisted that the event itself is free, so that all his friends can participate – young people will be able to see and be photographed with replicas of Dumbo, the lamp and the flying carpet from Aladdin, or replenish in the atmosphere of a video club of the 1990s.

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“Quebec is an important market. There are certain films and properties that the people here love each other more than elsewhere, ” said Greg Mason, to justify the interest of Disney to join the project of the brothers Trudel.

A cinema ?

This partnership with Disney will give the taste of the cinema to the new owners of Fleur-de-Lys ? “A part of the site will be redeveloped with the aim to turn to the future. There will be room for lots of things, ” replied Jonathan, and William Trudel.

Prior to that, at the Cineplex, and well the market of Quebec, Greg Mason believes that a cinema would be welcome. “There is a huge potential for a movie here, especially if we take into account where the other theaters are located in Quebec city. “