The imprint of the Russian Federation opened a case against the Ukrainian military of shelling civilians in the Donbas

Следком РФ возбудил дело против украинских военных из-за артобстрела мирного населения на Донбассе

The investigative Committee of Russia opened another criminal case against the Ukrainian military, who supposedly fired from artillery village Sahanka in non-government controlled areas of Donetsk region. This was reported in the press service of the Russian Sledkoma.

“September 12, 2018 members of the Armed forces and the National guard of Ukraine made a sighting shelling with heavy weapons, having high damaging properties, infrastructure, non-military target in the village of Sahanka Novoazovskiy district. As a result, civilian born in 1958 was wounded. The house is partially destroyed victim”, – stated in the message of the Russian authorities.

“On this fact the head investigative Department of SK of Russia brought criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 1 of article 356 of the criminal code (use of prohibited means and methods of warfare)”, – added in Sledkom the Russian Federation.

As reported, Russia’s Investigative Committee filed three criminal cases against Ukrainian servicemen.

Earlier SK the Russian Federation has reported about the opening of a number of criminal cases against the Ukrainian military personnel for alleged “shelling of civilians” in the Donbass.

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