The Independent: Putin Medvedchuk proves that Ukrainians and Russians are one people

The Independent: Медведчук доказывает Путину, что украинцы и россияне – не один народ

Ukrainian politician, leader of the NGO “Ukrainian choice – the right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk gave an exclusive interview to the British newspaper The Independent, in which he spoke about his political ambitions, relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the vision of Ukraine’s future.

In an interview with Medvedchuk claimed that he would not “vie for position”, but added that the official position means nothing to him. “Power does not affect life in the country. She has a monopoly on force,” he said.

The publication notes that potential candidates for the presidency of Ukraine in the elections in 2019 already actively started the election campaign, and discussed it with Medvedchuk, he expressed some support for the “focused” and “well prepared” Yulia Tymoshenko, who will fight “each fibroids” for the prize. For example, if you choose between Hrytsenko and Tymoshenko, “it is clear” that the electorate should choose Tymoshenko.

While Medvedchuk insists that no political relations with Yulia Tymoshenko, he does not: “this is not necessary. And we have different political positions”.

While Medvedchuk, doubts the possibility of Tymoshenko to find a more flexible approach to Moscow and to resolve the conflict in Donbass: “I don’t think she has a better chance than Poroshenko, in the Donbass. I do not see that Tymoshenko was a political will to go further towards peace than Poroshenko.”

The views of the Medvedchuk’s close to Moscow’s demands, because he is a longtime supporter of federalization of Ukraine, and now in favor of granting comprehensive autonomy separatist state formation in the East of Ukraine. But it’s a different process, he says. Regarding the Donbass, he “soon” will present a new proposal regarding the return of regions in Ukraine that would involve the government on the terms previously granted to the Crimea.

Medvedchuk stressed that this proposal would not include a veto on major issues of foreign relations, such as membership in NATO and does not weaken the sovereignty of Ukraine. “The threat to sovereignty comes from Washington, which controls the Ukraine from afar, and from integration into Europe and NATO”, — he said, although the prospect of Ukraine’s membership in North Atlantic Alliance itself calls “unrealistic”.

According to Medvedchuk, the United States of interfering in the Affairs of the “fraternal” peoples. According to the politician, Putin wanted peace in the Donbass and will do everything to protect residents of Eastern Ukraine from repression by the “party of war” in Ukraine.

While Medvedchuk denies the existence of a published OSCE videos, which, it seems, that Russia is violating the state border and providing weapons to the separatist forces. But the US, NATO and the EU did the “same thing” in providing weapons to Ukraine, he pointed out, noting that just one side is doing it publicly and the other not.

The politician said that “often” discussed Ukraine with his friend Vladimir Putin, “more than once a year.”

Friendship of Viktor Medvedchuk, Vladimir Putin began in 2003. They were introduced by Alexander Voloshin, then head of the Kremlin administration. Both soon realized that they have a similar worldview (“How else could we continue our relationship?”), but differed in one key issue.

“Putin believes that we are one people, but I think it’s not one nation, but two Slavic people, woven history, religion. I tell him this all the time. I don’t think that we are one people. You just can’t say”, — said Medvedchuk.

There is an opinion that Vladimir Putin believes that without Victor Medvedchuk’s impossible to solve any question regarding Ukraine. And this is the main trump card for the coming to power of this political player, but the politician insists it would be “a sin” not to use their close ties with the Russian President.

“I want people to be home with their families,” he said. “When people say I helped liberate 481 person (this is only from the Ukrainian side, in General, their number is about 800-900 people), I know I’m the only one who can do it. Others have tried and failed,” said Medvedchuk.

And says that currently talks about the release of Oleg Sentsov, who are starving 110th day. Medvedchuk believes that the Crimean Director receiving the nutrient mix that can support him in a few weeks will not allow you to die in prison: “do You really think Russia will allow that to happen? There is such a thing as force-feeding. This is allowed by the rules of detention”.

But some questions of “form” and “content” are on the path of liberation Sentsov, says Medvedchuk. According to him, Ukraine is responsible for creating a number of problems, “exerting political pressure” and “making ultimatums”.

Now Ukraine has started a campaign demanding that the General Prosecutor of Ukraine has renewed the investigation of this case. To this end, even will hold a protest on 4 September. In particular, the organizers of the movement “Stop the Revenge” told the publication that they “are convinced”: Medvedchuk tried to negate the results of the revolution.

“The evidence was sufficient to impose sanctions against it,” said one of them.

He declared that he would not pay attention to this campaign: “What they expect from me? Go? Never.”

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