The Infiniti QX30 is Recalling models due to problems with airbags

Japanese automaker Infiniti has announced a recall campaign model QX30. 17 500 vehicles were recalled due to a detected problem with the working of the mechanism of airbags.


The reason the Infiniti QX30 have a problem with the activation mechanism of airbags. So, arbage can work without the presence of a dangerous situation that can lead to accidents. Despite the fact that cases of spontaneous activation is not registered, the manufacturer approved the decision to eliminate the defect.

Representatives of the National authority that is responsible for the safe movement on roads, explained the cause of the problem: “the Combination of factors of occurrence of electrostatic discharge at the damaged bridge spring on the steering column is aggravated by the insufficient quality of the grounding of the latter. It can provoke unintended deployment of the airbag”.

Under the recall campaign get 17 500 Infiniti QX30, which released 10 Aug 2015 to 16 June 2017. After 18 December, the manufacturer will notify owners about the need to contact the service center. All repair work will be done by Infiniti.