The Institute of National memory requires seven to demolish monuments to Lenin in Odessa region

Институт Национальной памяти требует снести семь памятников Ленину в Одесской области

In the villages of Bolgrad district of Odessa region revealed seven monuments of Vladimir Lenin, the monument to Karl Marx and the hammer and sickle. In this regard, the Ukrainian Institute of national remembrance (of the Institute) addressed in SBU, Prosecutor’s office and police with the requirement to hold local officials accountable for violating the Law on decommunization. This was reported on the website of the Institute.

It is clarified that the monuments to Lenin have been preserved in the villages of Vinogradovka, Grape, Golitsa, Horodnie, Zaliznychne, of kalchevo and New Trojans. The hammer and sickle is located in the village of Golitsa, and the monument to Karl Marx – in the village Horodnie.

Also, the Institute has required local authorities not to violate the Law on decommunization. At the Institute are reminded that the use of the symbols of the Communist regime is punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years (article 436-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine).

We will remind, in February of this year, Director of Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich said that the process of de-communization in our country is actually completed. According to him, in recent years 1320 was dismantled monuments to Lenin.

As previously reported, in the heart of the city on the site of the demolished monument to Lenin in the past year was the bust of the founder of the city, General inzov.

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