The Internet got pictures of a battered ex-member “House-2” Polygalova

In the network of microblogging in Instagram account dedicated to fresh news of show business, was a published account, which depicted a battered former member of the popular reality show “Dom-2” Polygalova Elizabeth. In the pictures the girl has a broken nose and bloodied face.


In the network appeared the provocative shots battered Polygalova Elizabeth, who with a bloody face appeared in front of Internet users. Most likely, the girl herself took the photos directly after beating his former lover Bursikova Ivan. In the recording, released on the account network Instagram dedicated to the latest news from the world of show-business, had photos of Polygalova, where she has a badly broken nose. Also record a video message to her ex – boyfriend Ivan Bursikova, who says that he wants to return his dog named Judy that he and Elizabeth got together during their relationship. According to him, they are Polygalova not speak, but he found it impermissible to get rid of your dog.

In turn, Elizabeth said that the dog is her friend she often comes to visit, and the content of the animal it is simply not enough free time. It should be noted that the pair were going to enter into a legal marriage, but later broke up.