The investigation no information about the improper quality of mortar Hammer – the Prosecutor’s office

У следствия нет данных о ненадлежащем качестве миномета Молот, - прокуратура

The military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison in the framework of the investigation has not received the data regarding of poor quality mortar “Hammer”, which was based bimaterial case. This was reported by the press service of the military Prosecutor of the Central region of Ukraine.

“One of the main causes of mortars “Hammer” is a double loading and violation of the order of carrying out the firings of personnel”, – is spoken in the message.

Note that the Military Prosecutor’s office investigates criminal proceedings on the fact of improper performance of their duties by military officials 1285 Main military offices of the defense Ministry in performing the state contract, which led to the purchase, over budget, poor quality mortars M 120-15 “Hammer”.

Continues a comprehensive forensic examination, in which to monitor the technical condition of these mortars, according to their tactical and technical characteristics, which are claimed by the manufacturer and their safe use during combat operations.

In addition, the State audit service conducted the audit on the rational use of budget funds by the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

As reported, July 6, around 6 a.m., in the Rivne region during military exercises exploded mortar. As a result, three servicemen were lost, 9 more got wounds.

Mortar “Hammer” has also blown up on 25 September, this time in a military unit in the area of environmental protection. Injured three military personnel.

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