The IOC is prepared to be “flexible” to allow the North Koreans to participate in the olympics

Photo: Ed Jones, Agence France-Presse

The international olympic Committee announced on Monday that he would prove to be “the most flexible possible” to athletes of a north Korean wishing to participate in the next olympic winter Games held in South Korea in Pyeongchang, in particular as regards the registration procedures.


“We will show you the most flexibility possible,” said AFP a spokesman for the IOC, then the instance has indicated that they have ” pushed back the registration deadline for athletes in north korea.


Negotiations are to be held Tuesday between the two Koreas about a possible participation of a delegation from the North to the winter olympics (9 to 25 February).


The ioc and the IOC “welcomes” the discussions held Tuesday between the governments of north and south korea explains, “to have left the door open” to a participation of athletes from north korea “by pushing back the registration deadline,” and by lending his support ” during the qualification phases “.


The IOC added that ” in a short time period discussions will continue between the parties concerned “.


On Sunday, a source close to the dossier told AFP that discussions should be held ” in the middle of the week “, at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, to which must participate in the member north Korean IOC), Chang Ung.


Chang Ung had said Saturday that his country would take part in “probably” to the next winter Games, held in Pyeongchang from 9 to 25 February. The responsible north Korean had made this short statement to journalists during a stopover at the Beijing capital international airport.


To an easing of tensions?


The statements of the official north Korean are in the extension of the signals of all last days in the sense of a beginning of easing of the tension in the Korean peninsula, after months of escalation, and rhetoric threatening between Pyongyang and Washington.


Seoul and Pyongyang agreed on Friday to hold discussions for the first time in two years. The meeting, the first of its kind since December 2015, will be held Tuesday in Panmunjom, the border village where was signed the cease-fire of the Korean war (1950-1953).


Seoul and the Games organisers wish that North Korea is involved in order to reduce the tension created by the nuclear programs and ballistic pursued by North Korea in violation of UN resolutions.


Pyongyang has made in recent months to several missile launches and in September to a sixth nuclear test, the most powerful to this day.