The islamic cultural Centre of Quebec is mobilizing against homelessness

Photo: Alice Chiche Agence France-Presse
This photo from January 2017 shows a man who entered the islamic cultural Centre of Québec.

After to have intervened in the metropolis, agencies, muslims are mobilized, the end of this week, to help homeless people in Quebec who have faced an unusually harsh winter so far.


“You and me, we complain of the winter, but it complains a bit with a full belly, because we have a roof over the head “, a summary in the interview, the imam Hassan Guillet.


Last year, Mr. Guillet had delivered a sermon noticed at the ceremony in honour of the victims of the shooting. “We will soon commemorate the shooting to the grand mosque and, as quebec citizens of the muslim faith, there has been very affected of the solidarity that quebec society has shown during these tragic events, and it is the least you can do to return the kindness. “


Mr. Guillet has to make Friday a sermon special to the islamic cultural Centre of Quebec, in order to instruct the muslims of Quebec donations. The funds raised will then be paid to the shelter Lauberivière, Quebec.


As in Montreal


The activity is coordinated by the organization Islamic Relief Canada, which has organized an activity of the same kind in the metropolis the end of last week in reaction to the wave of cold. It was distributed in “kits” winter coats, and hot meals for the homeless in collaboration with the Old Brewery Mission.


The imam Guillet said to play the role of” ambassador ” for the organization. When we pointed out to her that the weather forecast is much more lenient over the next few days, the imam replied that the project had started in full cold weather and that they ” announce a storm Saturday “. He adds that the coats that will be given will serve him well one day, if this is not the end of the week.


As to whether there is a way for organizations muslims to improve their image and to appease some of the tension, the imam retorted, ” this is not the goal “, but that ” if it helps people to understand better, so much the better “.


In Lauberivière, it was confirmed that the representatives of Islamic Relief Canada, ” called to give a helping hand “.


According to the director, Éric Boulay, the assistance offered is comparable to that of other foundations and businesses that support the charity and come on-site to give the time. “The volunteers have to bring warm clothes and will serve the Sunday meal. Others will give the mitts and toques at the entrance. “


This is not the first time, he said, that muslim organizations are donating to Lauberivière, but the size of the support is larger this time, he reported.