The island Québec in the west Indies

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My country has beautiful “winter” in the aftermath of a storm, while I’m still bogged down in the snow and I do not know where the swing, I fantasize to the idea that February, this year, would have been able to take place, not the feet in the slush or on ice, but rather in the sand. To adapt to daily and the weather is manic-depressive, I like to sometimes dream of what would our winters in quebec on this island in the Caribbean that the government of Quebec was planning to buy in the mid-1980s…

Imagine the topo. Minus 25 degrees Celsius with the wind factor, you look at the weather forecast the next few days, where he announces a depressing cocktail of freezing rain and wind, followed by falls of heavy snow. That’s enough! You grab your bikini or your shorts – that’s according to a pair of ” flip-flops “, your tooth brush and, hey presto, you are off to a week in the warm. Not even need a passport! Unnecessary paperwork. You land on a narrow island about 150 miles long, belonging to the Quebec, lined with beaches of pink sand and named Eleuthera. A small cold beer with that?

An advanced project

In the mid-1980s, the government of Quebec had in his pocket an agreement in principle with the government of the Bahamas to purchase, long lease, this small piece of land of permanent summer. Transaction cost : 1$. Provided that a few of the thousands of residents of the island can take advantage of the jobs thus created.

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It is the minister of Tourism of the time, the pq’s Marcel Léger (father of Jean-Marc Léger, head of the firm Leger Marketing), who was flying the folder.

The elections of 2 December 1985, won by a majority by the Liberals, have sunk to the bottom of warm seas that dream of a corner of Quebec, in the South.

Idea visionary or far-fetched?

The prospect of an island in the fleurdelisé flag in the west Indies is a dream, especially these days. But, at the time the idea was quite serious, the project had been considered by many to be outlandish.

And yet. A corner of the country in the tropics would have possibly been a solid strategy to keep our “silver sun” in our own economy.

In 2011 alone, 800 000 “snowbirds” quebecers have spent between one week and six months in Florida , being fattening and as a result the american economy, with $ 1.2 billion!

Already this fall, even before having started to taste our winter destabilizing the multiple cold records, 60% of Quebecers wanted to go take refuge in the sun .

Sand castle or a snowman?

A paradise québécois lost in the west Indies, a beautiful reverie in which escape by watching through the window, the generous accumulation of snow that remains to be shoveling.

But would it really ethical to take possession of a territory that belongs to others because we can do no more than our winters intensely violent?

And what about the tonnes of GHG emissions generated by travel by plane to save themselves from the cold? What is disturbing even more our climate is already out of whack. Phew, it’s not simple!

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I console myself by looking at the bright eyes of the son, excited to play and slide in this all-new snow generous.

Sand castle or snowman, for him, no difference. You can have fun.

Thank you, guys, for allowing me to see life with your joy.

My island paradise, it is you…