The king of pop dethroned: Thriller by Michael Jackson is no longer the best selling album in the history

Король поп-музыки свергнут: Thriller Майкла Джексона больше не самый продаваемый альбом в истории

Album by American singer Michael Jackson’s Thriller went down on the second line rating of the best selling records in the history of the music industry in the USA. As reported by Associates Press, first place the revision of the statistics of the American Association of recording companies was the compilation of the early hits of the rock group the Eagles – Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975.

Album Jackson for today was certified platinum by 33 times, the album Eagles – 38 times. By the way, the third place in this list is another entry rockers – LP 1977 Hotel California platinum 26 times.

Note that in the USA platinum status of the record that has sold 1 million copies. Since 2013, statistics have begun to consider the Internet performance. 1,500 auditions from streaming services or download 10 songs equal to selling one copy on physical media.

Recall, Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 aged 50 years. During his career he has earned the informal title of the king of pop and became one of the most successful artists in the world. Even after Jackson’s death sales of his records, rights to use the heritage, Souvenirs and other things allow him to consistently stay on top of the list of the richest deceased stars. In 2017, Jackson earned $ 75 million. For comparison, Elvis Presley became just the fourth, earning $ 35 million., Bob Marley – fifth (23 million dollars), John Lennon – ninth (12 million dollars), and rounded out the top ten of Forbes magazine, the scientist albert Einstein (10 million dollars).

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