“The lap times are spoken in Abu Dhabi”

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TORONTO | IN his second year in F1, Lance Stroll has been a journey of hardship in being limited to a meager harvest of six points in 21 starts.

This has, in fact, that its former general manager in Williams, after the departure of the young driver montreal to Racing Point had been announced at the end of the season, ” as at 18 years old, he had arrived too early in F1 “.

Paddy Lowe had chained in saying that it would have been better prepared, by fine-tuning his apprenticeship in a lower class.

Questioned on the matter, the principal, in interview to the Journal de Montréal Wednesday at Toronto, did not want to start a war of words, but it has not failed to add his grain of salt.

Wrong car born

“All I can say is that the car was not born last year and that its engineers were not able to make it evolve in the course of the season.

“When I participated in a session of private testing the day after the last Grand Prix of the season in Abu Dhabi at the wheel of the Force India, said Stroll, I was 1.4 seconds faster at the wheel of a car I had never driven.

“The lap times are spoken in Abu Dhabi, he continued. But hey, it is in the past, I start now a new chapter in my career.

“We have an outstanding organisation which will be capable of doing great things in 2019. It has proved in a limited capacity.

“We want to ride in the front, not the back of the pack. This has happened too often last year. Podiums are achievable, and our new team will give himself the means to bully many teams in F1. “

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Business opportunity

The arrival of Lawrence Stroll is not foreign to the new measures that intends to introduce the new owner of the F1, the us company Liberty Media, in two years.

This project, however, not enchants, not the powers of the plateau, including Ferrari, which once again threatens to withdraw from the world Championship if the approach is adopted, expected as early as 2021 the establishment of a budget ceiling, of the items “standardised” on the cars and a more equitable distribution of income between the teams.

This initiative is at the basis of the arrival of Stroll in F1. And he has not hidden in a rare interview a few months ago.

“This is a step in the right direction, pointed out Stroll at the New York Times. I see a nice business opportunity as in other companies. It is a long-term investment. “

The businessman made his fortune in the textile industry with brands from luxury brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors.

“I do not imply to lose money, he argued. In these conditions, we may be able in a few years to compete with the best teams. “

The fourth place in the spotlight

“With new resources and more robust, we can make a big step forward, for its part, supported Otmar Szafnauer, the director general of Racing Point. The fourth place is within our reach as soon as this year, if we can put all the elements of the puzzle in place. Knowing, however, that the competition will be very intense behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. “

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Moreover, Szafnauer advance only at the Grand Prix of Spain, the fifth stage of the championship in may and the return of the great circus of F1 in Europe, the car will display “developments” in several respects.

“With a better budget, which we have lacked in recent seasons, he has indicated, it is sure to make the car faster at the beginning of the season by introducing new components. “

The first Grand Prix of the season will be played on march 17 in Melbourne, Australia.

Bombardier more visible

In addition to canadian business people, the team Racing the Point F1 can also count on the contribution of canadian companies, including Bombardier.

The latter had limited its participation to an inscription on the helmet Stroll the last year. This time, it is certainly more visible since the name of the multinational figure on each side of the air intake of the car.

Sergio Perez

  • 29 years old, born on 26 January 1990 in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Entering its 9th season of full-time
  • Departures in F1 : 155
  • First Grand Prix : Australia 2011 (7th before being disqualified for the car to be illegal)
  • Stables in F1 : Sauber (2011 and 2012), McLaren (2013), Force India (2014 to 2018) and Racing Point (2019)
  • Wins : none
  • Podiums : 8
  • Positions head : no
  • Points : 529
  • Average per Grand Prix : 3.4 points (66,1 per season)
  • Laps driven in F1 : 8593, of which 115 are in the lead
  • Best result in the race : 2nd in Malaysia and Italy in 2012
  • Best qualifying : 4th in five opportunities
  • Final standings in the drivers Championship : 16th (2011), 10th (2012 and 2014), 11th (2013), 9th (2015), 7th (2016 and 2017) and 8th (2018).
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Lance Stroll

  • 20 years old, born on 29 October 1998 in Montreal
  • Entering its 3rd season to full-time
  • Departures in F1 : 41
  • First Grand Prix : Australia 2017 (abandonment)
  • Stables in F1 : Williams (2017 and 2018) and Racing Point (2019)
  • Wins : none
  • Podiums : 1
  • Positions head : no
  • Points : 46
  • Average per Grand Prix : 1,12 point (23 per season)
  • Laps driven in F1 : 2206
  • Best result in the race : 3rd in Azerbaijan in 2017
  • Best qualifying : 2nd in Italy in 2017
  • Final standings in the drivers ‘ Championship : 12th (2017) and 18th (2018)