The last call of Broue

(Sherbrooke) “I was expecting a moving, stressful, stressful evening … and it was even worse than I thought!”

It is these words of Michel Côté, pronounced after a standing ovation of several minutes that are concluded Saturday evening, on the stage of the Mauritius-O’Bready room in Sherbrooke, the 38 years of the Great Adventure Brew .

If Michel Côté, Marc Messier and Marcel Gauthier hoped that this ultimate performance would be most successful, the trio was certainly not disappointed. No more than the many spectators, who had no doubt cheeks at the end of the evening by laughing.

Despite the fright of the last one weighing on their shoulders, the three actors managed to keep their “serious” throughout their performance, except during a scene between the firefighter and Bob the barman, who was interrupted by A long laugh. A moment of contagious happiness in which the public has been carried away.

“Honestly, every time I said goodbye to one of my characters, I found it very hard,” Michel Côté told the crowd, his voice breaking under the emotion. “[…] For me, it is a mourning tonight to leave these characters that I adored, really. […] Wart, Pointu, Fernand, Gerard and Ti-Mil, they’ll miss me a lot. ”

Febrility in the air

Already a few hours before going on stage, it was with great excitement that Côté, Messier and Gauthier were preparing to deliver the 3322nd and ultimate performance of the mythical play.

“We feel quite nervous thanks,” said Michel Côté. […] It’s amazing to think that it’s the last time we’ll play it! ”

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“I wonder if I am not more nervous at the last one than I was at the first!” Confided his side Marc Messier.

Even though the hooped drama has been rolling since 1979 and has been seen by more than 3,372,686 viewers, the comedians admitted that they always have a stomach that tightens before each performance. This latter representation was no exception to the rule.

“We must not forget that in the room, 85% of people go to see [ Broue ] for the first time, so we have to play the play that these people want to see, and that the others have seen. We can not improvise and make gags of last not to end, “argued Michel Côté.

Certainly, the emotions were at the rendezvous for this last fallen of curtain.

“Tomorrow, it’s going to be to talk about the past that will be difficult,” Marcel Gauthier confessed. That, I’m not yet able to imagine. To say “when I was in Broue …”, it’s going to be special. ”