The launch of axe, an anti-stress activity offered in Montreal

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
Anton Pushkar emphasizes that the launch of the axe is a mode of entertainment relatively new.

Do not bring a photo of your boss — it is the word that Anton Pushkar gives to its customers who come into his establishment in montréal for practicing throwing of an axe.


“People have said to us : “Is it that I can put the photo of someone really special directly on the target ?” “he-he told in interview.


“And we had some people who were more serious. This is not what we want to see, but they ask for it. “


According to the website, the Academy Rage is equipped with 12 lanes of the lance, which are separated by fences made of steel. Customers who enter the facility are greeted by an immense inscription, which reads as follows : “Control your rage “.


The facility can accommodate up to 60 people for various kinds of events, such as a burial of life of boy or the celebration of a divorce “, can we read on the website.


Anton Pushkar emphasizes that the launch of the axe is a mode of entertainment relatively new. The man, 27-year-old native of Siberia, added that many single people come to him to try.


“You’d be surprised, but the girls typically control more quickly [throw axe] that guy,” he explained.


Children can practice the activity, but only if they are able to run safely a small axe.


“We had children of 10 years old who threw better than their parents,” he said, adding that several octogenarians were also come to be exercised.


Roger Beaudoin, aged 96 years, partlow competed previously in festivals of loggers, was also lent to the game. He has already finished first in several competitions for the launch of the axe.


But Mr. Beaudoin, who still practice this sport in his village of Sainte-Émélie-de-l Energy, said that he did not have his skills of yesteryear.


“All good things come to an end, he said in an interview with The canadian Press. I do not have the ability to be precise as I was, but I’m still able to throw an axe. “


No incident with the axes


Anton Pushkar, who has left Russia to Montreal 14 years ago with his parents, has ensured that all activities were supervised by instructors, who also provide training.


The consumption of alcohol is not permitted at the Academy Rage and the guests who are intoxicated are told to ” go take to the air and come back “, according to Mr. Pushkar.


“Up to now, here, we have had no incident involving axes,” he said.


But some people end up cutting themselves trying to check if the axe is sharp. “The bandages are our main expense in terms of security “, he blagué.


To practice for an hour, you would have to pay $ 40 for three people during the week, and $ 50 the end of the week.


A tournament in Toronto


The serious competitors can even subscribe to the national Federation of the launch of the axe, whose members are from Canada, the United States, Australia and Poland.


The federation established in Toronto, which was introduced in 2016, representing 17 organizations that are comprised of more than 3000 members residing in 39 cities.


An important tournament is held each year in February in Toronto.


“The first stage of the tournament involves all the organisations that are part of the [federation],” said commissioner Matt Wilson.


“The 128 best people then compete at the final day of the tournament in Toronto. “


The precise mandate of the federation is to promote uniform rules for competitions, safety measures and training techniques.