The law On employment : new features and first results

Закон  О занятости населения : новые возможности и первые результаты

The law “On population employment”: new features and first results
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According to Marina Lazebny since the beginning of the year more than 10 thousand unemployed started their own business.

With the help of the State employment service more than half a million of Ukrainians got a new job, and 156 thousand received professional training.

It’s a start

Despite the fact that the new law entered into force only this year, the employment service is ready to share the first success.

– Let’s start with the fact that in January – August 2013, with our help, got the job more than 550 thousand people, which is a third more than in the same period last year, says the head of the State employment service Marina Lazebnaya. It is very important that this year we have employed twice as many people, characterized by low competitiveness in the labour market. It’s single parents, young people seeking their first job, older people who are traditionally tougher than the others to find a decent job.

According to the head of the service activities of the Department today is not only aimed at employment of citizens, but also to stimulate economic development. Judge for yourself: since the beginning of the year more than 10 thousand unemployed started their own business! In order to become entrepreneurs, all of them through the employment service received a lump sum the entire amount owed unemployment benefits. The size of payments to carry out business activities which can disposable to the unemployed, ranging from 11 to 55 thousand UAH. depending on his monthly unemployment benefit (maximum 12 months). This benefit in turn depends on the average wage at the last place of work of insurance, that is, experience the future entrepreneur. The amount of the minimum unemployment benefit is currently 882 UAH. and the maximum – 4588 UAH.

Never too late to learn!

Another important direction of work of the employment service – vocational training and skills development. The economy is growing very fast and employers ‘ requirements to the professionalism and skills of employees are constantly growing. The role of vocational training for the unemployed, implemented by the employment service is to increase the competitiveness of unemployed on the labour market. Since the beginning of the year, 156 thousand people received professional training in employment centres.

In addition, the new employment act has a separate tool for enhancing the competitiveness of senior citizens.

– Since may of this year we started to give people over the age of 45 vouchers to ensure that they could obtain a new profession or to improve their skills – continues Marina Lazebnaya. – Using a voucher to pay for training, both in higher and vocational educational institutions. Honestly, introducing such an innovation, we are a little feared for his demand: because we have no tradition of education in the middle and the older age. Fortunately, it turned out that Ukrainians are ready to support their competitiveness in the labour market, no less than Europeans!

In the period from may to August vouchers received more than 10 thousand people, and only half of them are unemployed. The rest of the work is, but they feel the need to raise their qualification level and age here does not matter.

So, Mukachevo city employment center issued a voucher for training 59-year-old unemployed. Ivan Vasilyevich Vladimir has a higher education and 20 years of experience as an engineer one of the leading enterprises of the city of Mukachevo. And today he is a student of Uzhgorod national University, specialty “Software systems”.

– We are very proud of! – recognized employees of Mukachevo GCS. – Now, when the seminars 45-year-old unemployed say they’re too old for school, we have such a wonderful example. Ivan Vladimir is not too late and 59 years to go to University!

The main thing – not the process but the result

Vocational training is carried out by the employment service under the order of the employers in professions and specialties demanded on the labour market, as well as necessary for self-employment people.

Among educated and employed, there are people who not only changed jobs, but a way of life! For example, a former accountant who for a long time were registered in the employment service, became a professional diver and now works as a lifeguard at one of the regional services MOE!

Today about 80% of Ukrainians who were trained under the order of employer, work – sums up Marina Lazebnaya. – We attract employers to the curriculum, and the unemployed to training for future jobs. Also success helps us to achieve and an understanding that people come to us not just. It is obvious that turn to us the person is in a difficult life situation. And in helping him to find a job, we solve part of his problems and change his life for the better!


The Minister of social policy Natalia Korolevska, commenting on the provisions of the new law on employment, said he will also promote youth employment and to stimulate the return of young specialists to the countryside.

“Young professionals who have received medical or teaching profession and entered into an employment contract of not less than 3 years to work in villages will receive one-time financial assistance in the amount of 10 minimum wages – now it is 11140 UAH. This approach will allow not only to stimulate youth employment, but also to improve the social situation in small towns,” said King.

The Minister also reminded that earlier the government has approved developed by the Ministry of social policy order of entry in the work book of the period of internship of students in enterprises. “Thus, students had the opportunity not only to gain practical experience at the enterprises and production, but also to obtain documentary evidence of such practices. This will have a positive impact on their competitiveness in the labor market,” she said.

The topic

The main changes introduced by the Law of Ukraine “On employment of population”

The status of the unemployed is appropriated from the first day of registration at the center (previously – 8).

On the account you can get at any convenient to visit the center of employment, irrespective of the registered place of residence.

The maximum amount of unemployment benefits is uniform for the whole Ukraine. If earlier it was limited to the average salary in their region, it is now four living wage for able-bodied persons (currently 4588 UAH).

Provided incentives for employers to create jobs for not competitive in the labor market citizens. During the year the employer paid compensation of single social contribution for each employed provided that the employee will not be fired within two years.

Older than 45 years with insurance experience not less than 15 years are entitled to one-time voucher to the school (before retirement age).

Unemployment (on methodology of the International labour organization) fell from 7.8% in the first half of 2012 to 7.5% in the first half of this year.