The law on the anti-corruption court: when will take effect

Закон об Антикоррупционном суде: когда вступит в силу


The official publication of the Verkhovna Rada “Voice of Ukraine” published the law “On Higher anti-corruption court.”

Consequently, on June 14, it will enter into force on the day following promulgation.

Meanwhile, the “Center of counteraction of corruption” reports that in the published text of the law appeared edit, which is head of the Committee of law and justice Ruslan Kniazevych did not read in the session hall before the adoption of the law and which is not discussed in the Committee.

This edit establishes that the appeals in the cases of NABOO, which the courts already consider now will be considered in courts of General jurisdiction and not in the anti-corruption court.

This rule was in the text of the amendments to the law, distributed to Committee hours before a vote, but it was not in the Committee’s edition of the comparative table for the second reading.

Закон об Антикоррупционном суде: когда вступит в силу

Закон об Антикоррупционном суде: когда вступит в силу

Chairman of the Board of CTC Vitaly Shabunin considers that “this rule is Amnesty for all TOP corrupt officials, whose cases are already in courts.”

“This change previous agreements and the text of the bill right before the vote. In the agreed table posted on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the ECD was not, and the appeal must be in the anti-corruption court,” he said.

“Adopted rule defers a final decision on the Affairs of NABOO for a few years. This rule means that that is why the President must immediately submit the changes to the law to correct this mistake,” he said.

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