The lead singer of Nerves : I reconnected with former band members

Солист группы  Нервы : Я помирился с бывшими участниками группы

The soloist of group “Nerves”: I reconnected with former band members
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A group of “Nerves” in November will please Ukrainian fans with a new album. Photo: Oscar Jansons.

Members of musical rock band visited in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine”.

A group of “Nerves” three years did not give concerts in Ukraine. In November, the musicians go on tour on cities of the country in order to present the new album.

During a visit to Kyiv, the group found time to answer questions from their many fans. About creative plans and relationships with former band members, the musicians said during an online conference.

– Recently, we often gave concerts, as we had a difficult period, – says the soloist of group Eugene Milkovsky. – We have changed the label, the musicians, so the new material is not overlooked. We tried to keep our ship afloat. This influenced the number of esters.

Roman Bulakhov: It was a volatile period for our group. But we have planned a tour of Ukraine. It is already possible to buy tickets.

– Zhenya, how did you take care of musicians?

Zhenya Milkovsky: I am very sensitive perceived care and words of the participants that I heard in the party. Because we started together and during that time became close friends. Now I treat everything calmly.

– With former members continue to communicate?

Jack: I always wanted to chat with guitarist Vlad, but after leaving the group, our communication came to an abrupt end. This conflict was a blow to me. Two years later I started again to communicate with him. Perhaps we have matured.

– Have you ever been a tour that consisted of 90 cities. Was it difficult?

Eugene: During that tour I was very upset, I remember, even the voice disappeared. We recently had a tour that consisted of 29 cities in 38 days. Even then, I felt the heaviness. In addition, the concert program has increased. It was obvious. It was difficult then and now. But it is high.

– How to write songs? Based on your experience?

Jack: Extremely so. I write songs about his experiences and what he has experienced. I have all the songs not entertainment. I’m not Lady Gaga. What I felt, and wrote.

– How often in your concerts fans are asked to go on stage in order to make an offer hands and hearts?

Jack: Often, but we always agree! The last time the guy just confessed his love to his girlfriend, and asked the audience to subscribe to his page in the social networks. That we do not support.