The leakage of the acid in the Dnepropetrovsk region: the Neutralization of the accident is completed, the excess of dangerous concentrations of fumes no

Утечка кислоты в Днепропетровской обл.: Нейтрализация места аварии завершена, превышений опасной концентрации паров нет

Neutralization of the leak of nitric acid from a tanker on the road in Dnipropetrovsk region completed, exceeding the dangerous concentration of vapors of matter no. This is stated in a message posted today on the website of the Antimonopoly.

“On August 7 at around 14:10 near the village of Ivanovka Petrikov district, as a result of depressurization of a tanker carrying nitric acid (24 tons), there was a leak of the substance in the field (about 4 tons). The spill area is about 40 sq. m. the Units of SES using sprayed water jets were created by water curtain for vapour deposition of nitric acid. Attracted by the division of radiation-chemical protection of the SES. 20:40 work for the neutralization of the leak of nitric acid is complete. Place spill covered with lime, caustic soda, sand and spilled water”, – stated in it.

The Department argued that at the moment of exceeding the dangerous concentration of vapors of nitric acid in the area of the leak of nitric acid no. Respectively nearby settlements threatens nothing.

“8 August is scheduled pumping nitric acid from the damaged tank to another”, – added in the message.

Note, the elimination of the incidents involved 35 people and 7 units of equipment, including 5 units and 28 personnel of the SES.

Earlier it was reported that the day before on the route Dnieper – Kobeliaky – Reshetylivka, R-52, outside the village of Ivanovka in the Dnipropetrovsk region there was a leak of nitric acid from a tanker with a capacity of 35 t. In particular, the leak occurred in the first compartment of the tank, where 8 tons of liquid.

Arriving on the scene, rescuers said the driver pumped 4 t of acid from the damaged compartment to empty. The amount of released nitric acid is about 3-4 tons, area of 40-45 sq. m. At 16:00, the leakage of the acid was stopped and fire-rescue units began work on the neutralization of the spilled liquid.

On the fact of leak of nitric acid police Dnipropetrovsk region opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 267 (violation of rules for handling explosives, flammable and caustic substances, or radioactive materials) of the MCC.

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