“The life in four parts”: the sense of the feast

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In addition to its value as sociological and anthropological, one of the interests of The “life in four time”, moderated by Philippe Desrosiers, it is to discover that, from one culture to another, there are similarities between the rites of passage.

After exploring the city sex in the four corners of the planet (sex around the world), the great cities in the company of birds of the night (Travel to the end of the night) and the report in the body in different societies (Body and world), Philippe Desrosiers is back in the conquest of the world. This time, the animator-filmmaker reflects on the rituals surrounding birth, coming-of-age, marriage, and death in eighteen countries in as many episodes.


In the first episode of life in four time, the indefatigable globe-trotter travels to the Philippines, where the catholic religion, inherited from the Spanish settlers and the americans, the ancestral rites, and poverty influence the different stages of life. There he meets Gemma, who is preparing to give birth in a home birth, because it is forbidden to give birth at home. In the hope that their child may have studied for a long time, her husband buries books to school with the placenta.


Looking at life in four time or not? The response of Manon Dumais.


Subsequently, Philippe Desrosiers brings his support to the two brothers of twelve and thirteen, who, in order not to wipe the mockery of their peers will be circumcised. In the Philippines, circumcision goes beyond the question of hygiene, it is the sentimental life of the man, since no woman would consent to marry him if he is not circumcised.


While the facilitator attended the wedding of Paul Andrew and Marigold, it is learned that in the Philippines, where divorce is forbidden, the women are looking for in a man social position, love and beauty. For men, the beauty before love and social position. Finally, he went to the funeral, while there is a heart-wrenching funeral home. The relatives of the deceased organise an evening of casino in order to cover the funeral expenses.


A party to the other

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Philippe Desrosiers

In the second episode, where it arises in Morocco, the great traveler, went to the bedside of the small Ferdouas (literally ” paradise “). According to the muslim custom, we shave a portion of hair of a new born baby, it conceals in one date, it then launches to the sea shouting “bismillah” (” in the name of God “). It is up to the facilitator, will have the honor to perform this ritual.


After conversing with the proud parents of Fatima, a brave asthmatic ten-year-old fasting for the first time in anticipation of ramadan, Philippe Desrosiers assists until the morning of the wedding-feast of the superb Soukaine, which scrolls in his five wedding dresses. In the past, the tradition, the woman is wearing ten dresses for her wedding.


Finally, he attends to the burial of a woman, who died a few hours earlier. Only men have the right to go to the funeral, as crying women, are considered as insults to the will of Allah. They will be able to accompany the men to the cemetery forty days later.


Rites similar


In addition to its value as sociological and anthropological, one of the interests of life in four time, it is to discover that, from one culture to another, there are similarities between the rites of passage. Thus, the Cuban people, like the Filipinos, are a legacy of the Spanish settlers some catholic rituals. In the manner of the muslims, shaving the heads of the children hindus as a sign of purity. Regarding marriages punjabis, they are a blend of extravagance and opulence with the marriage to moroccan. While young Amish leave to the discovery of the modern world during rumspringa, where they can indulge in all the excesses, the British boys are on a tour of the pubs.


It accompanies them during a festive ceremony or solemn, Philippe Desrosiers manages each time to find the way, the tone, the word to put people at ease. This human approach contributes much to the charm and the force of life in four time, which is based on a mechanical frame. Although rites of passage are fascinating, curious, and destabilizing, the structure of each episode soon gives the series an air of déjà-vu. Despite this, we do not want to miss the next destination that offers the friendly and warm host.

The life in four time

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