The lowering of social standards of military personnel were part of a campaign by the collapse of Mat – Skipalsky

Before the Russian aggression of the state policy in Ukraine was aimed at reducing the social security of servicemen of the armed forces and was part of the systematic campaign of the enemy to undermine the capacity of the Ukrainian army. On this edition of the Guildhall, said the former head of the Main Department of intelligence of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Alexander Skipalsky, write “Ukrainian news”.

“The reduction of social and material security of the military personnel laid the Foundation and became one of the key factors in the collapse of the APU at the time of 2014. In parallel, all these years, the administration pursued a systematic policy to reduce the number of VSU, at first, in purely economic purposes and then for destruction of the state. For allegedly social issues of the servicemen carried out the sale of military equipment. As a result, during the Kravchuk and then Kuchma’s defense Ministers and generals of the second echelon was created tens of subsidiaries and different structures, which have sold weapons, military equipment, land and property of the Ukrainian army, and the funds were offshore, the creation of clans and oligarchs”, – said the General Skipalsky.

“With the arrival of Yushchenko’s Committee for social protection of servicemen are generally eliminated. First, if Gritsenko, and then with Yekhanurov began additional problems with the provision of hardship allowances, manipulation of salaries and even rations. Qualified, worthy officers, were removed, and brought those who worked in sales and collapse,” – summed up Oleksandr Skipalsky.

In turn the Colonel of the military intelligence of Ukraine Yuriy Smisek in the comments of the Guildhall, said that a systematic policy to reduce social security of servicemen led to a massive outflow of the best personnel of the APU, which could form the basis of the Ukrainian army in 2014 year. “In 2006-m year, for example, officers were allowed to retire and to assign the veteran status of the APU, with 20 years of service instead of 25. The process was launched along with a lack of financial support and inability to obtain the promised social housing. A large number of professionals left the ranks of the armed forces in those years. In fact, there was systematic campaign for the “extrusion” key, advanced-level officers, that could form the basis of the army in 2014-m to year, – said the Colonel Yuri Smisek.

Also, in the commentary edition of Guildhall former employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Colonel Dmitry Sobolev, said that until 2014 the funding for the APU was systematically distributed inefficiently in comparison with other forces that also became one of the factors undermining the capacity of the APU.

“Contrary to what APU has always been the most numerous force structure, system received the least funding and many employees simply passed to the SBU, the National guard or other structure. It (the distribution of the state budget – ed.) was not a forced measure and was not something caused, it was done purposefully. The government spent huge resources on the training of officers of the level of Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, or General, we don’t throw shots in the Armed forces,” said Colonel Sobolev.

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