The Macau Grand Prix, ended in failure

Race sports bolidov in Macau ended accident. A video from the event available on the Network.


The collision of vehicles occurred on a narrow strip of the road. The first three cars passed her without any problems, but going fourth car flew into the fence. The fifth vehicle safely drove past all the other crashed into each other. In the result, the roadway had to be cleaned with the use of cranes. One hour later, the competition resumed only eight of the twenty cars originally used.

As told by one of participants of road accident, Lawrence Ventora, he failed to notice the barrier in time due to rotation. The driver tried to hit the brakes, but his vehicle did not respond and the pilot is not able to do.

Going fifth in line, the Brazilian Rafael Marcello managed to slip through. He later said that he much luck. He called luck that was able to survive in that situation, and the track rider is described as insults.