The man from Belovo broke the Windows of the clinic, not waiting for an ambulance for his girlfriend

28-year-old man from the city of Belovo without waiting for the ambulance carriage, which he caused. He came to the clinic and broke Windows.
But the young man mixed the hospital and staged a robbery is not in the clinic.


The attacker was detained by police, who arrived after a call to hospital security.
According to the security guard, aggressive guy came and started to beat the Windows the ten Windows of the administrative building.

Earlier judged 28-the summer citizen explained to police that he had caused his beloved ambulance, but it is too long left on the call.

He called the dispatcher and learned that the car is in the way, he went personally to the hospital, from there I called my girlfriend, on hearing that the doctors did not come began to RAID the hospital.

The amount of damage that he caused, was about 40 thousand rubles. The offender will have to pay a fine and repair the damage.