The mankind was gripped by a disastrous “epidemic lack of sleep”


Humanity is mired in a “catastrophic epidemic of lack of sleep”, which can lead to more serious consequences than we can imagine. In an interview with The Guardian, told the American scientist, Director of the Center for the study of sleep in humans at the University of California, Berkeley, Matthew Walker.

“No aspect of our biology remains unaffected when you sleep”he says. According to the scientist, the disadvantage (i.e., less than seven hours) of sleep can lead to numerous problems, including memory loss, diabetes, obesity, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Walker explains why in the last 75 years people began to sleep less. First, the fact that we are “electrified” night. “The light is an important factor, to Rob us of sleep”, — he explained.
Second, the problem is the time that people spend at work and on the way to it. “Nobody wants to sacrifice the time that remains for family and entertainment, so instead, they sacrifice sleep,”says Walker.

In addition, in the modern world sleep is associated with weakness and laziness. “We want to seem busy, and one way to show this is to inform you about how little we sleep. It’s a sign of respect” — said the scientist.

According to him, humans are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep without any obvious cause.
In his opinion, large organizations and legislators must seriously address the issue of lack of sleep.

“The situation has to change: at work and in society, at home, in families. Did you ever poster the National health service, where people are encouraged to sleep? When was the last time a doctor prescribed a patient a sleeping pill, and sleep? Sleep should be a priority, it is necessary to stimulate”, — he said.

He admits that sleep eight hours every night, and this rule is not subject to revision. “If I give people some advice, here is such: go to sleep and Wake up every day at the same time, no matter what,” he says, noting that treats sleep very seriously, because they saw the consequences of its deficiency.

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