The mayor of Louiseville want to bring back prayer and the crucifix

Le maire de Louiseville veut ramener la prière et le crucifix

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The mayor of Louiseville, in Mauricie, Yvon Deshaies, the CAQ had tried to recruit for the next elections, account, challenge the judgment of the Supreme Court by reducing the recitation of the prayer and the crucifix at his hotel in town.

The country’s highest court had outlawed prayer in the name of religious neutrality in public institutions following a complaint against the administration Jean Tremblay in Saguenay, quebec.

“They will come to arrest me,” said the mayor, Monday.

Yvon Deshaies does not accept that the government of Quebec does not intervene to close the door at the request of a young aspiring police of Montreal which claimed the right to wear the hijab in the police. “The prayer in Louiseville will come back. She wants to realize her dream. She is 17 years old. Me, I am 62 years old and I want to continue the dream of the past, of my predecessors. We do not speak. Everyone is going to do what he wants”, has launched Yvon Deshaies.

In 2015 Louiseville was folded in the judgment of the Supreme Court and had put an end to the recitation of the prayer.

The Coalition Avenir Québec has tried to recruit Yvon Deshaies for the electoral district of Maskinongé in view of the elections of the first of October next. A meeting of 30 minutes was held last fall. Yvon Deshaies has, however, declined the invitation not wanting to take up the cause of a political party because he was just starting a new term as mayor.