The mayor of Poltava Mamai dismissed by secret ballot

Мэра Полтавы Мамая отправили в отставку путем тайного голосования

Deputies of the Poltava city Council dismissed the mayor of Poltava Alexander Mamaia. The decision was supported by 29 of the 42 members of the city Council. It is reported by local the Internet-the edition “poltavshchina”.

During the extraordinary session of the city Council September 14, the deputies recognized the unsatisfactory work of the mayor and ahead of schedule stopped its powers. This decision by secret ballot was supported by 29 of the 42 members of the city Council, that is, all who took part in the vote.

The question on expression of mistrust to the mayor made with the voice, at the suggestion of the Deputy Eduard Volkov. The grounds for this decision were allegedly numerous violations of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, rights and freedoms of citizens, which, according to Volkov, was painted by 31-page decision. Among them the mayor of Mamai: to prevent violations of the Constitution and laws, rights and freedoms of citizens; repeatedly violated the procedure for convening sessions; not made to the city Council candidacy of Secretary of the Executive Committee and others.

Termination of powers of the mother preceded the dismissal of the Secretary of city Council, deputies of the mayor and the dissolution of the current composition of the Executive Committee.

We will remind, Oleksandr Mamay was first elected mayor of Poltava in October 2010. He received the support 61,64% of the voters. In July 2012, the mother changed the membership of the party “Conscience of Ukraine” on the ticket of the “Party of regions”. The second time the city mayor of Poltava, he was elected in October-November 2015. In the second round of the election he received the support of 62,56% of the voters.