The melting of the ice will turn to the World’s oceans by a global catastrophe


Before the catastrophic situation can worsen the condition of the oceans during the active melting of Antarctic ice. Meltwater entering the ocean, not only raises the level, but also increases the surface area on which it is poured.

So, scientists have studied the data and came to the conclusion that that water has managed to get into the World ocean, 25-30 miles increased his limits throughout the County. Experts noted that a further increase in the level of ocean waters will lead to flooding of many coastal countries.

Over the past ten years, scientists have already managed to record the disappearance of many island in Micronesia, where water disappeared more than eight plots of land.

In addition, increasing the level of oceanic waters accelerates the greenhouse effect, from which the ice melting is more intense as a result of entering into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide.

To avoid a global catastrophe, scientists around the world are called to deal with the melting ice. Now man was in no danger, but in the future under the waters of the World ocean may not only Islands but continents.

The Stopru