The message about the threat of explosion in the building of the state Duma have not confirmed

Today in Moscow was committed another act of telephone terrorism swept Russia from September this year. Unknown called the Department of the Metropolitan police and reported a bomb in the building of the state Duma, however, testing revealed no danger.


A source from the emergency services of Moscow reported that after a call of the unknown, which warned of a possible bomb threat in the State Duma, the building underwent a number of examinations. Experts with the use of canine units examined the state Duma building, however, the inspection yielded no results. All journalists have reported about the threat, and the police will deal with the attempts of identification of the caller.

It is worth Recalling that in response to numerous calls, in which the unknowns are warned about the presence of explosive devices in many public institutions, since September of this year across Russia has conducted hundreds of mass evacuations. Law enforcement agencies reported that the attackers had made calls while abroad.