The metro station is equipped with automatic systems of detection of emergency situations

Станции метро оборудуют автоматическими системами обнаружения чрезвычайных ситуаций

The Kyiv metro is equipped with automatic settings detection of emergency situations. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services the lion Partskhaladze in Facebook.

“We offer is sure to build structures, underground installations automatic detection of emergencies. These are sensors for monitoring of deformation of building structures that are now used in many strategic sites, enterprises, places of the big congestion of people.The installation of such devices in the subway will significantly improve the safety of passengers in case of fire, short-circuiting, flooding, landslides and the like. In addition, this will exclude the influence of human factors to identify threats,” – said Partskhaladze.

In this system, the establishment of which will become mandatory after the entry into force of the new GOS, combines several processes: the detection of possible threats, monitoring and processing information about the current condition of the buildings, providing the predicted information and alerts.

In addition, an updated version of GOS includes the extension of requirements for fire alarm systems and fire alarm, smoke protection, evacuation and more.

Earlier also it was reported that the Ministry of regional development is considering the possibility of design of toilets for the passengers in the subway and design in the cities transport hubs.

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