The Minister of sports of Ukraine: the rights of the IOC, and Russia “raped Olympic values”

The Minister of sports of Ukraine said in Facebook that the IOC is right and Russia doping scandals “raped Olympic values”. Ihor Zhdanov said that the Russian team is justly punished.


The national team of Russia on 5 December were forbidden to compete under the national flag at the Olympic games 2018 in South Korea. The Russians will get to contest only under a neutral flag and then, if they prove their “purity”.

Zhdanov approved the measure, calling it a “cover antisportivnaya activity” and evidence of “a real process of purification” of sport and the Olympics from abuse. The Minister believes that the Russian athletes who got a red card, “no place in the Games.”

Zhdanov condemned the Russian authorities for “a particularly cynical and immoral actions”, meaning “the substitution of dirty samples,” Sochi Olympic athletes, and accused Russia of trying to spoil the sample opponents. Among the failed the victims, the official said that Vita Semerenko is a Ukrainian biathlete.