The Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva in the Evening at Prime 112 Ukraine online stream

Министр соцполитики Андрей Рева в Вечернем прайме на 112 Украина, - онлайн-трансляция

The Minister of social policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva in the “Evening Prime” TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Andriy Reva was born July 7, 1966. In 2000-2005 he was the head of the Department of social protection of the population Zamostianske district Council of Vinnitsa. In 2005-2016 years – Deputy of the Vinnytsia city Chairman.

14 April 2016 the Verkhovna Rada has sent in resignation of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, supporting in its place the candidacy of Vladimir Groisman. On the same day, Parliament approved the new composition of the Cabinet, where Reva got the position of Minister of social policy of Ukraine.

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