The Ministry of culture was included in the list recommended for libraries for the second book editor

Минкульт включил в список рекомендуемых для библиотек уже вторую книгу редактора

The Ministry of culture of Ukraine included in the list recommended for purchase in the library for the second book of the section editor, culture portal Julia Potranco.

This time in the top 100 included the book “Marie Curie” series of the publishing house IPIO “personalities. Biographical sketches for children”, which is written in a fascinating and accessible form. The main characters of this book series have achieved results through hard work and boundless faith in their own strength.

In particular, the “Marie Curie” is dedicated to a famous woman scientist of the XX century, who received two Nobel prizes in two disciplines – physics and chemistry. The major achievements of the Curie is the discovery of radioactivity and the elements, such as radium and polonium. For example, readers will learn the history of the path from persistent little girls to women, which despite the difficulties of living my dream.

The list of works recommended to the purchase for replenishment of library funds, also includes a book by Julia Potranco about the famous scientist albert Einstein in this unique series.

Let us add that both books will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.

“Remember, parent, reading is one of the most emotional and memorable moments for children. When you read to a child, he feels your care and love,” said Julia.

Минкульт включил в список рекомендуемых для библиотек уже вторую книгу редактора

As previously reported, in Ukraine, the interactive book “Shevchenko in every day.”

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