The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from Russia to stop repressions against the Crimean Tatars

МИД Украины требует от России прекратить репрессии против крымских татар

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from Russia to stop repressions against the Crimean Tatars in connection with new cases of persecution of Ukrainian citizens in the temporarily occupied Crimea. This is stated in the press service of the MFA of Ukraine.

The foreign Ministry expresses its protest in connection with illegal searches of dwellings and prosecution of citizens of Ukraine Zarema Kulahmetova, Rihanna Kulahmetova, Seccia Kulametov and Marlena Mustafayev.

“As the occasion was used distribution in social networks symbols the organization “Hizb ut-Tahrir” in 2014. In the end, 4 September Secci Kulametov and Marlene Mustafayev was arrested on 15 and 12 days respectively, and Zarema and Riana by Kulametov was sentenced to a fine,” – said the Agency.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls on the international community to increase pressure on Russia to halt violations of human rights in the temporarily occupied Crimea and the release of illegally detained Ukrainian citizens.

“We demand from the Russian Federation as the occupying power to abandon discrimination and repression against the citizens of Ukraine. Marlen Mustafaev and Secci Kulametov, and all other illegally detained Russian citizens of Ukraine should be released immediately”, – stressed in the Ministry.

We will remind, yesterday in the Crimea were “investigations” in the house of human rights defender Abdullah Yakubov. Besides, was abducted Zarema Kulahmetova, and arrested her husband and daughter.

February 24 against Zarema Kulahmetova was initiated “criminal proceedings” under article 319 of the Russian criminal code (“Insult of representative of power”). On 23 April the court sentenced Kulametov to 250 hours of compulsory work and a fine of 20,000 rubles.

In addition, on the morning of 4 September at St. myasoedovskaya in the heater section of the Simferopol district of the occupied Crimea, the FSB raided the Crimean Tatar Marlen Mustafayev, after which he was detained.

Recall, February 21, 2017 law enforcement officers conducted a search in the house Mustafayev, subsequently, he was detained for 11 days. Man accused of placing publications in social networks in July 2014.

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