The Ministry of health has appointed the acting rector of NMU. Bogomolets, Alexander Naumenko

Минздрав назначил и. о. ректора НМУ им. Богомольца Александра Науменко

The Ministry of health has appointed the acting rector of the National medical University. Bogomolets, Alexander Naumenko. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of health.

“The Ministry of health of Ukraine has appointed Alexander Naumenko acting rector of NMU. Bogomoletz. The corresponding order was signed in the Ministry of health of Ukraine on 7 September,” – said in the message.

Noted that the Ministry received numerous reports of repression against students and teachers from supporters eks-the leader of the NMU Ekaterina Amosova. It is emphasized that the Ministry of health, such action is considered invalid.

All employees of the University who were dismissed due to the failure to support illegal actions and the orders of Yaroslav Tsekhmister who calls himself “acting rector”, who was fired illegally, said the Ministry of health.

We will remind, the Commission of the Ministry of health has recognized unsatisfactory work of the rector of National medical University. Bogomolets Ekaterina Amosova and recommended to terminate her contract.

On February 26, the University announced a strike in support Amosova.

Acting Minister of health Suprun said that it was not a strike, and intentional removal of students from the educational process and threatened the University administration with accountability for sabotage training.

On February 28, the Committee on the strike of NMU. Bogomolets announced the end of protests. The participants said that the parliamentary Committee on health, headed by Olga Bogomolets, supported the demands that were put forward by participants.

March 2, Administrative court reinstated of Amoz in the post of the rector of the University. Bogomoletz. However, on 6 March, the Ministry of health of Ukraine has again excluded Catherine Amos from the post of rector.

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