The Ministry of health has divided the functions of the head of the medical institution to the CEO and medical Director

Минздрав разделил функции руководителя медучреждения на гендиректора и медицинского директора

The Ministry of health has divided the functions of the head of the health facility management and medical. From January 1, 2019 in such institutions there will be two senior positions – CEO and medical Director, the press service of the Ministry.

“From January 1, 2019 in Ukraine the functions of the Director and medical Director are clearly delineated: the Director of the institution’s business activities and medical Director – solely medical issues. No one will be dismissed: all chief doctors and other health professionals will perform its function without change until the expiration of their contracts. The corresponding order of 31.10.2018 No. 1977 approved by the health Ministry”, – stated in the message.

Furthermore, what will engage the CEO and what is included in the list of duties of medical Director of medical institution.

Acting General Director of medical institution

According to the explanation of the Ministry of health, General Director or just a Director’s business activities, direct economic, production and financial-economic activity of enterprises. In particular in its list of duties includes:

– strategic planning;

– budgeting;

– coordination of the institution;

– analysis of economic efficiency.

– organization of work and effective interaction of all structural units;

– attracting funds to investment needs of institutions, and the like.

Until 2022 to hold the office of the Director on a competitive basis can the applicant with a liberal arts education, lawyer, economist, doctor, Manager.

With 2022 bidders who have no managerial or managerial education in the field of knowledge “Management and administration” or “Public administration”, will have to obtain it.

The duties of medical Director of the medical institution

The medical Director will deal exclusively with the medical issues, in particular:

– development and implementation of continuous improvement in the quality of services in medical institution based on the principles of evidential medicine;

– organization of providing patient-centred services;

– coordination of external and internal cooperation between different departments of the health institution;

– organization of continuous professional development of medical staff;

– introduction of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment;

– the organization of medical care in emergency situations;

– evaluation of the quality of medical care and the like.

What will happen to the main doctors?

While the Ministry of health indicate that the main doctors who have already signed or will sign employment contracts before the date when the order will come into effect (i.e. 1 January 2019), will operate under the old model to manage the administrative and medical processes before the deadline specified in the contract.

After the completion of the term of the contract the main doctors will be able to participate in the contest as to the position of General Director and to the position of medical Director of the health institution.

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