The Ministry of health has published a list of Ukrainian beaches where swimming is not recommended

Минздрав опубликовал список украинских пляжей, где не рекомендует купаться

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has published the list of Ukrainian beaches where swimming is not recommended. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry in Facebook.

“The centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine recorded microbial contamination (Escherichia coli lactopositive) 154 Ukrainian beaches the results of water analysis 27 July – 3 August”, – stated in the message.

Here is the full list of beaches and recreational areas areas.

Vinnitsa region:the beaches of “Chemist”,”Gonta”, “Central”, as well as recreational areas in the city Dokhno, Bernadine, Illintsi, Haisyn, g Nemia, J. Boog and recreational area saving post KP “Hmelnitskoblenergo” and “Visherskoe lake”.

Volyn region: recreation area (informal recreation) the city of Novovolynsk.

Dnipropetrovsk region: beach in the Park F. Merzavtsev, pond site “southern GOK”, of yarns at a rate at Marshala, beaches KP “zhilischnik” and “Dneprovets”, as well as children’s beach on St. Polnocna.

Donetsk region: “Central”, Mariupol.

Transcarpathian region: the beach “Beregost,” on p Alone: PGT Bereznyi, Perechyn, on the Latorica river in Mukachevo on the beaches in Victory Park, St. Raoul Wallenberg, the district Monastyrya and Okruzhnaya str.

Zhytomyr region: the city beaches on the river Too and the river Slutch, a recreational area Zhytomyr (Mr. Field), and “Privalka”, “District”,a recreational area on the river Zherev, R. Teteriv, Sluch, Ubort river (S. Pidluby) in ponds “Sandor” and “Napsauta” in the pond with Skraglivka, as well as the recreational zone of the city Gnilopyat.

Zaporizhia obl.: public beach “Central”, “solar” and “Right Bank”.

Kyiv region: recreation area, PGT. Gostomel and Irpin city, beaches on the lakes of Oleśnica, SBA-17 in Boryspil, lake “Nesterivka”, “knyazhytskyy”, “Central” in the White Church, the beach Obukhiv city Council on the river Stugna, also at the beach at Cherry St. and Ukrainka.

Kirovohrad oblast: the city beach on the river Ingulets in the area of the Park. Shevchenko, Alexandria, R. Ingulets “Primorski”, the eighth district school, Alexandria, R. Berezivka, S. Zvenyhorodka district Voinovskie reservoir, S. voinivka Alexandrian district on the river Ingulets, “Andryushkino Andryushkino Yar”, Svitlovodsk, Kremenchuk reservoir, “Vlasov”, SMT.Vlasivka, Svitlovodsk city beach, “novonikolaevskiy the beach”, M. Kropiwnicki, Ingul, Petrovsky pond No. 1, and also in Novomykolaivka.

Lugansk region:Beach rate in the district of PJSC “Lisichanskiy glass” Proletarians “, R-n the boat station in the city of Lysychansk, the city beaches the city of Severodonetsk on the lakes Park and Clean, also “Claw”, “the lake Kryven’ke”, also in recreational areas the city of Svatovo with Babycheve, S. Demino-Oleksandrivka on the municipal beach of the city of Starobilsk, and also on the beach “Central”, STM. Novopskov, LLC “novopskovs’kyi sanatorium” Pearl ” of STM. Novopskov, JUICE Rebentisch SK affiliate “Agrogaz” and the beach of “Ukrtransgaz”.

In the Lviv region: the lake “Youth”.

In Nikolaev region: “Arrow”, “Alluvium”, “Yacht club”, “Surf”, and also on the beach in Koblevo-the Rybakovsky zone.

In the Poltava region: the beaches of Kiev and Podil district on the Vorskla river, the beach, Shevchenko district on the river Vorskla “Pleso”, “Bay Barbara”, Central city of Kremenchuk beach, on the beach Voinov Internatsionalistov, also Kotelevsky district and 1km above the bridge Bielsko R. Vorsk

In Odessa region: in the recreational area of Zatoka in a Central and Sunny areas of the city.

In Rivne region: the beach at St. Zavodskaya, “water Park” on the street Staromiejska, LLC “Borovilos”, p. Obariv Rivne R-n, the urban beaches of Sochi and Rivne, lakefront Voronkina S. band (the beach is missing), pp. vladimirets, pool (artificial), district Pond, village. Goscha,a Place of public entertainment. in Dubno, zamchys’ko., Kostopol, beach M. Radivilova, artificial prodika Slonovka.

In the Kharkiv region: children’s and city beaches the city of balakliia, “Olympia”, as well as at the beach Krasnograd and on a pond the village Popovka.

Hmelnickoe in the region: beach city g. Starokonstantinov

In Chernihiv region: the boat yard, m. Chernigov, near the “Park-hotel” Chernihiv ” at the pedestrian bridge in the Park Alumina.

In Cherkassy region: the beaches of “Pushkinsky” and “Smila”.

We will remind that the Ministry of health does not recommend swimming at the beaches of Kiev 13: “Children”, “Predmostnaya Slobodka”, “Youth”, “Golden”, “Venice”, “Central”, “rainbow”(the Dnipro river), rainbow (birch, oz. rainbow), “Telbin”, “Chartreu”, “Palm”, “Puscha-Voditsa”, “galley”.

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