The mission of the social project the Candidate – finding the best for Ukraine candidate

The mission of the social project “the Candidate”, which soon starts to “112 Ukraine” – to find a real and worthy candidate for our country. In the project, 12 participants compete for the right to become a member of Parliament and to take a course in Stendforsky University.

According to the leader of the party “For life”, people’s Deputy Vadim Rabinovich, a similar project in the history of Ukraine was not.

“Program “the Candidate”, where you will see how the right of the people ascends, and we’ll take it into the party and train. You will choose this person. Must be social elevators”, – said Vadym Rabinovich.

Social project “Candidate” gathered thousands of people willing to become a people’s vote, however, only one will get a unique chance. According to mentor Anna Stepanets, the fate of the party depends on him and his abilities.

“It’s easy to demonstrate their abilities, to prove it by his actions, his mind, his intellect and all – you are there in Parliament, you’re a member,” she said.

However, each participant must pass certain tests. What the authors show is not disclosed.

“You will not wonder to watch when you know what they will do, but it will be absolutely diverse tasks. It will be the job on the intellect. We are looking for policy brand new model and we want it was a man with these moral and ethical concepts and ideas about life. It should be a person with a new Outlook,” said Anna Stepanets.

Миссия социального проекта Кандидат - поиск достойного для Украины кандидата

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