“The most hated man in America” poorer by seven million dollars

“Самый ненавистный человек Америки” обеднел на семь миллионов долларов

“The most hated man in America” will fill the budget of the US Federal government more than $7 million, reports NBC News.

Judge Kiyo Matsumoto ruled that Martin Shkreli, who was convicted for fraud with securities, must pay compensation in the amount of $of 7.36 million, and in addition, to say goodbye to some of their property.

Martin Shkreli became known to the public after his company Turing Pharmaceuticals acquired the rights to the drug Daraprim necessary to maintain the normal life of people living with HIV. Immediately after the transaction, taking advantage of the monopoly on the product, the price of medicine has increased by 50 (!) time.

Some time later the us businessman of Albanian origin was arrested by FBI agents. He was charged with illegal withdrawal of shares from the biotech company Retrophin Inc.

In the US, Sirkeli immediately became the enemy. It is called “the villain of modern America, which deprived the hopes of thousands of people.”