The music of multiple games from Capcom’s now available on Spotify

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Your days of work are not intense enough to your taste? If you are a subscriber to Spotify, you can now spice up your daily life with the soundtracks of Mega Man, Street Fighter or Devil May Cry!

The team responsible for the sound design and music of the japanese developer Capcom has granted the wishes of more players by posting on the streaming service, many of their unforgettable creations.

We prefer the pieces at once chaotic and dancing (!) of the different aspects of Mega Man, the hymns of epic and touching of Monster Hunter or even the rock-laden guitars Devil May Cry, there’s something for all tastes.

For connoisseurs, there are also a few soundtracks a little more niched, such as those of the Darkstalkers, Okami, Breath of Fire or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

And if ever the games of Capcom are not your cup of tea, remember that you can also listen to the music of several components of the Sims… Yes, including several tracks sung in simlish, the official language of the series.

Anything to brighten up your next party pool!

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