The NAB is investigating the criminal proceedings against crimes that harm 196 billion hryvnia

НАБУ расследует уголовные производства по преступлениям, нанесшим ущерб на 196 млрд гривен

National anti-corruption Bureau is investigating 683 criminal proceedings regarding corruption offences, the sum of which caused the state losses amounting to about 196,6 billion. This was stated by Director of the NABU Sytnyk during the presentation of the report on the work of the anti-corruption Bureau in the first half of 2018, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

Detectives NAB failed to reimburse the state about $ 360 million from the termination of corruption offenses, stated in the document. In the Affairs of NABOO now appears 227 163 suspects and accused people. In respect of 19 the person is already guilty verdicts, but most of these people went on to deal with the investigation.

NABU filed a complaint about illegal transactions at more than 6 billion hryvnia.

“NABOO has a very active work aimed, because the corruption schemes that were being investigated, very often associated with the conclusion of illegal transactions, especially public procurement under these agreements with top managers of state enterprises. Over the past half-year issued 23 decisions on the claims of NAB in the amount of nearly 1.5 billion. This creates opportunities to ensure that in future, these funds return to the state. To date, the amount of claims NABOO is 6 billion UAH”, – said Sytnik.

In the production of NABS are now 72 cases on e-Declaration, the total amount of undeclared income established for these cases amounted to 769 million. This is mainly people’s deputies and judges.

As reported, the NAB had completed investigation into the alienation of ships, which led to 219 million hryvnias of losses.

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